Company Profile

Our Story
Since 2011, BME Property Services, also known as BME Group, has been a dynamic force in Sydney’s real estate market. With a keen focus on property sales and management, our team operates across three offices located in Sydney CBD, Hurstville, and Wentworth Point. We take pride in managing over 1000 rental properties and having facilitated hundreds of sales, which cements our position as an active, pivotal player in the area.

Our Mission
Our mission is straightforward yet significant: “To create value and make a difference in the real estate sector by offering comprehensive, customer-centric services that address the unique needs of each client.”

Our Vision
We envision a future where we redefine Sydney’s real estate landscape, driving growth, and sustainability while fostering enduring relationships with our clients. In line with this, we’re committed to enriching the communities we serve, contributing beyond just property.

Our Values
We’re guided by three core values at BME Group: clear communication, unwavering commitment, and prioritising client care. By aligning with our clients’ needs, we provide comprehensive advice that consistently achieves outstanding results, thereby maximising the value of their property assets.

Our Culture
We believe in fostering a supportive team environment that encourages solution-oriented thinking, professionalism, and accountability. Our culture of ownership empowers every team member to take initiative and responsibility.

Our People
Our dedicated team is our greatest asset. Andy, our founder and director, guides the business operations. Our sales team, John and Jeff, spearhead sales, while Melody oversees administrative tasks. Poppy, as the leader of our property management team, ensures that all properties are efficiently managed and maintained.

Our Achievement
With a broad network across Sydney and years of experience, we’ve established a reputation for reliability in the real estate sector. Our client reviews and successful property management in Wentworth Point bear testament to our service excellence.
We look forward to welcoming you on this journey of growth and progress.